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History of the olive grove

The 130 olive-trees in the grove were planted forty years ago. The olive grove, abandoned for several years, was found invaded with brambles and ivy and the trees which were covered in parasites were in very bad condition and grew with little force. The grove mainly consists of trees producing oil olives (Verdales, Olivieres, Lucques). The gathering begins at the end of November when the olives are completely black.
In order that an olive grove be productive different varieties of olive-trees are essential to ensure pollination. It is for this reason that one notices such diverse shapes and colours and different periods of maturity. The olive is initially green then it blackens as it matures.
In 2000, the harvest of a ton of olives, pressed at the Clermont l’Hérault mill, produced 160 litres of oil. In 2002, half of the olive grove was pruned in order to cut back the high branches, remove infected or dead branches and to facilitate gathering. The harvest yield was 500 kg.

Préservation de l'environnement

Dans un respect de préservation de l'environnement, nous nous sommes lancés en 2005 dans la conversion en agriculture Biologique de toute la production : vigne, oliviers, figuiers, amandiers, pruniers …

Les contrôles sont effectués bi-annuellement par l'organisme ECOCERT.

Depuis 2008, la totalité de la production est issue de l'agriculture biologique.

N° licence ECOCERT : 197752P

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